“For some years I have followed the career of Mari Kawamura.
Each time I heard her in recital I was impressed by the beauty of her sound and the profundity of her interpretations.
I am happy to hear the same emotion in this recording.

In the MUSSORGSKY 「Pictures at an Exhibition 」,
we find vision strength, power, pertinent energy and a richness of sound...
In DEBUSSY 「Estampes ~ Children’s Corner 」,
tenderness, sensitivity, sensuality, and poetry that appeal to the imagination...

Her delicate touch, the light of the sonorities, but also the rigor in her interpretations of these works reaches such level of perfection that we forget how difficult these works are. Here, her remarkable, masterful and spectacular technique is all used in service of the music.

It seems that this alchemy between the Japanese roots of Mari Kawamura and her love of France, where she grew up, brings to her playing a certain charm and imbues a magic in the sound that is uniquely her own.

This is a bold and remarkable CD, that will be a landmark in the discography, and will certainly be part of the great reference points in the recordings of these works of MUSSORGSKY and DEBUSSY.
An extraordinary CD for music lovers, dreamers and voyagers...
A magical musical journey from Russian monasteries to the distant and mysterious pagodas of Asia that I am sure will bring you the same pleasure and fascination that it brings to me.

I impatiently await the next CD from this fantastic pianist.”

Alain Kremski