MARI KAWAMURA 川村真理 piano

“This alchemy between the Japanese roots of Mari Kawamura and her love of France, where she grew up, brings to her playing this certain charm, this magic in the sound that is uniquely her own…”

Alain Kremski, pianiste-compositeur

Born in Tokyo and based in Paris from the age of 5, Mari Kawamura performs concerts in France and internationally.

Past concerts include the one of the series “Impressionism and Orient” at the Moulin d’Andé where she plays Alain Kremski’s piece for 2 pianos “Earth of Exile, Earth of Forgetting” with the composer himself, the gala concert in honor of mime Marcel Marceau during his last tour of Japan (organized by the mime Takemitsu Yamasawa, MMT-Pantomime).

Solo recitals at the Suntory Hall and Ongaku no Tomo Hall in Tokyo, and violin-piano recitals with violinist Pierre-Olivier Queyras at Salle Colonne in Paris, etc.

Mari Kawamura studied with pianists such as Nicholas Angelich, Billy Eidi, Vladimir Krainev and Emile Naoumoff.

She received her diploma from the Conservatoire National de Région de Paris and her Performer Diploma at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University-Bloomington in the United States. While there, she also studied conducting with Douglas Stotter, chamber music with violinist Ik-Hwan Bae and horn player Myron Bloom.

Since their meeting in 2003, Mari Kawamura is encouraged, advised, and supported in her way of Piano, of Music by Alain Kremski.
For him, these words of Claude Debussy had a particularly important resonance:
“Do not listen to anyone’s advice, except that of the passing wind telling you the history of the world…”

“There still are, despite the troubles that civilization brings, some charming peoples who learn music as easily as one learns to breathe. Their music school, is the eternal rhythm of the sea, the wind in the leaves, and thousands of other tiny noises, which they listen to with care, without ever looking at any arbitrary treatises.”

In 2011 came out the CD DEBUSSY/MOUSSORGSKI of Mari Kawamura.